Why Choose
Golden Valley Vets?

Top RCVS accreditation

Veterinary Hospital:  Golden Valley Vets are the only first opinion practice to have achieved the top accreditation from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in this area consistently for nearly 50 years.   This totally independent accreditation is your assurance that we can offer your pet the best of care at all times. Most local practices also have some accreditation but have not felt it necessary to make the level of investment that the top accreditation requires.

Top quality vets and nurses:

All the Golden Valley veterinary team feel that the best for your pet is establishing a partnership with us for its care. Your input will be both encouraged and respected and we will do our best to ensure that you are given all the information you need to make informed decisions on your pet’s health.

As a leading practice in the area we are large enough to have all the equipment and resource that is necessary to attract the best vets and nurses. All our team have pets of their own so they really understand how you feel about your pet. We will work with you to keep your pet as fit and healthy as we can for the whole of its life and we will be there for you whenever you need our help. As a team we have a wide range of experiences and different specialities which means that we will only very rarely have to refer you to another practice or expect you to wait for a diagnostic procedure.

Top quality equipment and facilities:

Even the best vets need good equipment to back up their knowledge and diagnostic skills, and Golden Valley vets have some of the best in the business. The practice has all the modern equipment and facilities that you would expect from a premium first opinion practice and it is there for you when you need it without delay. Our staff can use all our diagnostic equipment at whenever it is needed to help us identify the best course of treatment for your pet. All the information on the exact equipment is shown elsewhere on the site but you don’t really need to know about that – we just want you to feel secure in the resource we have available for you whenever your pet needs it.

Full in-house diagnostics:

Often the speed of reaching the correct diagnosis can have a big impact on how quickly your pet recovers. Golden Valley vets have extensive ‘in house’ diagnostics, including a laboratory and imaging suite, that can be used at any time of day or night by any of our veterinary team to get your pet the correct treatment as fast as possible. We know our facilities far exceed other local first opinion practices and our level of investment in this area is a reflection on how important we feel it is for your pet to get the correct treatment without delay.

Seven day a week consultations:

At Golden Valley Vets we understand the busy lives we all lead these days and believe that you deserve the additional convenience of seven day consultations with your vets.   We offer morning and afternoon routine appointments seven days a week. All our branches are open Monday to Saturday lunch time but we do ask you to attend at Nailsea on Saturdays and Sundays for a consultation.  You will only be charged extra if you need an out of hours consultation after 6.30 p.m. during the week (4.30 p.m. at weekends) or before 9.00 a.m. the following morning. We believe that this offers our clients more options than any other local practice.

15 min consults:

To ensure that we have the best possible opportunity to correctly identifying what is wrong with your pet all of our consultation periods are for 15 minutes.  We feel that this allows us to give you the full attention you and your pet deserve whilst still keeping our prices very competitive.

24 hour emergency service:

Golden Valley Vets believe that their commitment to you should cover every hour of the day for every day of the year.   This means that our staff are on site at Nailsea every minute of the day to ensure that your pet gets proper care and full attention.   We always hope you will not need this service but hope you will find reassurance that we are there should you need our help. The phone will be answered by one of our team – we don’t ever use answer phones like other practices – and you can be assured that if your pet is hospitalised there will be someone on site looking after them at all times – even if it is just for that extra cuddle.   Our night staff have the day off before and after their night shifts to ensure that they are fully committed to the care and support of any pet in the hospital overnight.   Other practices have their night teams who are ‘on call’ with the commitment to only make occasional visits to hospitalised animals. This is not good enough for our clients; we believe you deserve, and will get, much better.

Our partnership with Langford veterinary services allows us to offer greater availability during the day without compromising on our care for clients out of hours.

Laparoscopic surgery:

Golden Valley Vets are one of the very few practices in the area which have the equipment to undertake ‘keyhole’ surgery and we have been doing so for many years. As with human surgery this approach has huge benefits in the recovery time from operations and the length of the incision that has to be made. Along with other extensive theatre operating and monitoring equipment we currently use the laparoscopic equipment to carry out bitch spays and various investigatory procedures as it has a major benefit in how quickly your pet is back to its best bouncing self! We believe you expect and deserve the best and would expect us to provide you with the latest veterinary procedures. The provision of laparoscopic surgery is just one example of us meeting this expectation.

Therapeutic Laser:

The therapeutic laser is an important development in the field of pain relief and enhanced healing that does not involve the use of drugs. Golden Valley Vets  have a Class 4 K-Laser equipment on site. We use it extensively when treating arthritis and other painful conditions and have had some spectacular results. It is routinely used following surgery to speed up wound healing and reducing post operative swelling and discomfort. We would suggest that if your pet is having any surgery you would expect your vet to offer the very best in comprehensive pain relief and speed of wound healing. Golden Valley vets can give you this promise.

Our own preventative health plans:

We feel that our care for your pet extends well past the threshold of our premises. As a member of your family we understand that we have a responsibility to work with you to ensure that your pet’s preventative health is the best available and kept up to date. We have therefore devised our own preventative health plans that offer you not only what we believe to be the most effective products that really work, but also a significant discount as well.  If you have a new puppy or kitten we have a plan that includes all you need in your first year to include lots of advice, neutering and microchipping. As we run the plans ourselves we do not charge the administration fees that some other practices charge their clients so all the money you pay goes on the products and services you receive. Other practices are not large enough to cover the overhead of running their own preventative health scheme so have to adopt a one size fits all approach and pass on the administrative cost to you. This is not good enough for our clients and hundreds of our clients are now enjoying the benefits of the very special plans offered by Golden Valley Vets. Full details of the plans are available on this site or from any of our branches.

Dog training on site:

The correct socialisation and training of your pet can make a huge difference to how much you can enjoy each other’s company in the years to come. A happy well balanced dog is a joy to own and it all starts from how they are treated as a pup. Golden Valley vets feel the correct training is so important they have arranged for classes to take place at Nailsea.

Ample on site free parking:

Golden Valley vets understand that a visit to the vet can be a traumatic experience especially if you have to spend time driving around trying to park! At all of Golden Valley Vets branches we have ample dedicated parking so you have the shortest distance to carry your cat or walk your sick dog should the need arise. The rest of the time it is just much more convenient to be able to park right outside whichever branch you wish to visit.

Four branch surgeries:

Although we concentrate all our diagnostic and surgical resource at our Nailsea hospital, as that allows us to achieve the highest and safest standards, we also understand that many of our clients live some way from Nailsea and prefer to receive routine veterinary treatment with less travel. Golden Valley Vets therefore offer you the choice of attending one of our branch surgeries In Chew Magna, Clevedon, Long Ashton or Wrington. At a branch surgery you can receive all the routine treatment you would expect from either our vets or nurses and initial and follow up consultations for other conditions.   All our receptionists will be very happy to help you with any issues you may have and can advise on feeding and a wide range of other areas. So please feel free to pop into any or our branches to meet the team.

Vaccinations – Lepto 4:

Vaccinations are often used by veterinary practices as some sort of ‘loss leader’ to attract you in to their surgeries, however it is important to understand exactly what they are offering as all routine vaccinations are not the same. Golden Valley Vets are committed to offering you best practice in all elements of their care and this also includes routine vaccinations. So when our vaccine manufacturer announced that they had produced a vaccination that protected dogs against even more variants of the disease call Leptospirosis we decided that it would be offered to our clients straight away. We have therefore been offering our clients the Lepto 4 dog vaccination since April 2014 and are pleased to report that as a result none of our clients have been affected by the recent problems of dogs contracting Leptospirosis (not all of whom survived) experienced by other local practices who were still using the old vaccine. Our clients deserve the best and in this case they definitely got it. Please check carefully if you are tempted to seek cheap vaccinations from other practices, as with many things there is an element of getting what you pay for. Golden Valley Vets will never use cheap vaccines or those from dubious suppliers and we believe that our prices are very competitive when the full extent of what we offer is understood. Our vaccination appointments also include a full health check, for more details, please see the next FAQ.