Our Philosophy

What we want is very simple – to work with you to keep your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible

No one knows your pet better than you do and your input is essential so we can, together, pro-actively monitor their health and diagnose any conditions they may suffer from during their lives.  Things change as pets age but together we should be able to stay ahead of the game. We understand how to offer effective protection for your pet, the best way to feed them and how the ageing process could affect them.  Our experienced caring vets are there to provide their professional advice to you, but your input of day to day changes in your pet is invaluable in arriving at the right diagnosis and treatment. 

A bond with any pet is unique to the parties involved and therefore our treatment needs to reflect this.  We believe we have put together a multi-discipline team of people and a range of equipment and resource that can provide top quality veterinary care in a professional and caring way to work with you throughout your pet’s life.

As an independent practice we have the freedom to invest in the top quality staff and equipment necessary to provide you with fast and efficient diagnosis and treatment in-house. This stops you having to take your pet to different locations for specialised investigations so treatment can start straight away which in turn should save you time and money. A win-win in our opinion.

“We will always recommend the treatment we believe would be best for your pet, but will work with you to find alternative approaches should you require them.”

As the leading first opinion practice in the area, Golden Valley Vets are fortunate to be able to attract top quality staff who share a passion for veterinary excellence. We have over the years always invested in the latest equipment and procedures whilst at the same time working hard to keep costs affordable. Historically we have worked with you on a reactive basis, where you have brought your pet for us to treat once you have identified something is wrong.   However, we are now increasingly trying to adopt a more pro-active approach so please do not be surprised if we ask you for a urine sample or suggest blood tests during your consultation.