Golden Valley Vets


The ability to see inside the body can speed up a diagnosis or hugely increase our understanding of what your pet is suffering from.  Golden Valley Vets is unique in the area in the range of imaging equipment we have for a first opinion practice.  All our equipment is on site and available 24 hours a day – we do not have to wait for someone to visit or a large lorry to turn up with a scanner in it.

Golden Valley therefore offers a huge advantage to you with fast cost effect imaging available instantly.  We may, for example, need to look for a change or injury to a bone, the condition of the  heart or lungs, clarification of any issues with the abdomen, or investigating symptoms relating to the  spine or the brain.

Sometimes several different imaging techniques need to be combined to put together a complete picture of the area of the body being investigated but this can now all be done with one visit to our hospital.

CT scanner

MRI scanner

Ultra sound

X Ray